About Anna Mazzotta

Anna Mazzotta is a British artist with Italian roots, she studied at Londons Royal College of Art and lives and works in London and Bristol.

Her colourful, daring and humourous paintings take us to a world of long lost glamour and showcase an impressive variety of Human emotions.

‘I have a great love for the German artists who worked during the Weimer era..Georg Grosz, Jeanne Mammon Karl Hubbuch are just a few. Their works lean towards caricature as it’s probably the best way to document the human condition.’

Mazzotta’s works are already appreciated in significant private collections around the world, including commissions for Fatboy Slim and Jane Fonda. Anna’s works can be seen on permanent display at The Pelham Hotel, Kensington, Heera Jewelers in Hatton Garden, N°50 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, The Troubadour, Earls Court, The Saunton Sands Hotel, Devon and The North London Film and Television Studios.

Mazzotta stands apart from trends and manages to capture the complex emotions of the moment in her work with humour and innate talent.

Embracing the Artisanal Way

We stand at the dawn of a new artistic era, one that celebrates craftsmanship and individuality. Just as artisans are reclaiming their place in the world of craft beer and fine dining, Anna Mazzotta envisions a renaissance for pure painting. In an age where mass-produced art dominates, her dedication to traditional techniques and her refusal to succumb to conformist aids stand as a testament to her commitment to genuine artistry.

A Bold Voice in a Sea of Conformity

Art galleries often get trapped in a cycle of similarity, where the avant-garde inadvertently morphs into the conformist. Anna Mazzotta, however, remains steadfastly distinct. With a resolute refusal to be swept away by trends, her creations shine as beacons of originality, humour, and audacity.
Her works catapult you into the glamour of the 20s, capturing an impressive spectrum of human emotions that resonates across time and cultures – and as such, these creations have already found their home in esteemed private collections around the globe.

“I don’t follow trends for instant gratification. The upside to that is no buyer’s remorse.”

I’ve had some clients contact me after 15 – 20 years to tell me that their painting holds a special place in their hearts and that their children grew up with my art hanging on their walls, for an artist that is the ultimate satisfaction, my clients are happy means I’m happy.

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