The Funeral of Monsieur Hugo

Price: £15,000.00

Year: 2022
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 150 x 120 cm

French writer Victor Hugo (1802 – 85) had an enormous sexual appetite. He claimed that on their wedding night he and his wife Adèle had sex nine times. After five pregnancies in eight years, his wife called a halt to any more sex.

So, Hugo turned to the brothels of Paris.

His diaries reveal he would have several partners a day. When Hugo died the brothels of Paris closed down for a day of mourning, allowing all the city’s sex workers to pay their last respects to a loyal client.

Literary critic Edmond de Goncourt claimed a police officer told him that sex workers even draped their genitals in black crepe as a mark of respect.

In the four months before he died at the age of 83, his diaries record 83 separate bouts of love making.

(Source @whoresofyore)